Introduction to Fishing – Shore Fishing

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I’m off to go shore fishing from the beach with our new employee Miku. With this she will experience all 3 styles of fishing: Bass, boat, and shore fishing. We started fishing from early morning in Long Beach where lately it is said to have a high count of catches. This will be her very first Halibut fishing experience as well. Miku has almost no fishing experience, but yet her casting skills are already excellent! With her Kendo experience, she must know how to seize techniques fast. Our first bite of the day was by me, but the size of the Halibut was less than legal size. I used my latest fishing pattern that’s been getting me a lot of bites! I cast the PT100DD and started knocking the bottom then I would slowly retrieve. Especially lately in Long Beach, instead of using the FM110 to swim on surface, there is a better chance in getting a bite when you go a deeper range while feeling the bottom surface. I frequently use the FM120DD & SS90V2 with that fishing pattern and been getting a pretty good result with it. However, it does depend on the condition of the tide, but it is the best to use the DD during high tide!!!

Well then… as for how Miku did, something very shocking happened!
After about an hour since we started, I hear Miku screaming, “Aaaah~~! I caught one!!” So I look over and…!! Her rod was bent tremendously! After carefully pulling it up, there was a huge, 25.5in Halibut!! I was stunned by Miku… Even from last week, she just might have something that gets big ones. Here in California, the law is if you catch a halibut less then 22in you can’t take it home. And to even catch a Halibut larger than 22in is very difficult for all fishermen, but at her very first shore fishing experience with the PT100 she surpassed that. I am extremely impressed.

I’ve been to Long Beach many times this past year and aimed for Halibut, but never did I catch a Halibut over 22in. I am mortified… From now on, I would like to learn a lot from Miku instead.

Fishing Result:
Sandy: Halibut x5
Miku: Legal Size Halibut x1, Halibut x3, Barracuda x1

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