Tokyo Bay – Part 1

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Lure: Varid70HW
Color: Day Game Basic, Gold Hollow Red Back

Daily Flash Minnow in Japan project! This is the Tokyo Bay Sea Bass report.

This time in Tokyo Bay, I had gone fishing with the 2 people who are incredibly skillful with the ESG series: Lucky Craft staff member, Mr. Takita & Mr. Tomoyuki.

We had departed off Tokyo bay for about 40min… and finally arrived at our main fishing spot! Under the new runway at Haneda Airport Tower! 40m near the runway is a restricted fishing area. From the yellow tower to the steel poles underneath the airport runway, I made a 50m long cast!! I get absolutely no effect from the Bass unless my lure reaches all the way underneath the runway (my 2nd cast). So this is when the Varid comes in! It reached deep into the area I was aiming for with no problem at all! Now I just need to catch a Sea Bass!!…. I got a bite! It was an impact I’ve never felt before! It finally came~!! My very first Sea Bass!!!!!

To a certain extent, I learned that at any situation, when casting barely through the steel poles, there is a high change you get a hit. Considering the water flow and the direction of the wind, I cast and started pulling while examining the tide flow as well. On this day, aiming around the left side of the steel poles lead me to catches.


Next will be Tokyo Bay Sea Bass report part 2!
See you soon!!

The Daily Flash Minnow
Catch: Sea Bass x10


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